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Rowe Nutrition Feeds

Not only do we feed and believe in Rowe Nutrition Feeds, but we are also a dealer! We stock a small amount of show cattle feeds at all times for your convenience and can order from a complete line of livestock feeds to meet your needs. Contact David anytime to talk about the right choice for your program.

Cates Jackpot .49 Steer Ration

Cates Jackpot .49 "Steer Ration"

Here it is, the start to finish show steer feed that just flat works! Every champion knows that to stay in the winners' circle you can't let your show companion miss a meal; and until now, you may have been wondering just how to do that. The best way to keep your calf on feed is to not switch. That is why this start to finish ration that is packed with double the required vitamins and minerals, loads of fiber, tons of energy, and just the right net energy gain level works so well!

Cates Jackpot .43 Heifer Ration

Cates Jackpot .43 "Heifer Ration"

We absolutely love this high fiber, high energy, moderate net energy gain feed for keeping our heifers in perfect show condition all year! Like all Rowe Nutrition Feeds, it is packed with twice the required vitamins and minerals to keep your animals health in tip-top shape. This ration was specially designed with the elite show heifer in mind. Just take a look at Cates Farms show string; this feed was developed for them. Take advantage of this user friendly and cost effective feed to keep your heifers in the winners' circle.

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Rowe Nutrition Feeds has a complete line of feeds for all species. Rowe formulas are fixed and consistent - Not Computer Least Cost Generated

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